02 | 06 | 2016

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New grandMA2 software version [3.2] is online

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New dot2 software version [] is online

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MA meets Adele: Top-performing

To describe Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, known worldwide as Adele, simply as ‘successful’ would be a bold understatement. Releasing her debut album “19” in 2008, her career has soared to incredible heights. Her third studio album “25” became the 2015 year's best-selling album and broke first week sales records in both the UK and US. Now the artist is touring the globe with her “Live 2016” – World Tour. The lighting design was realised by Patrick Wodroffe with Adam Bassett as associate LD and Roland Greil working as programmer and lighting director on the road. For lighting control the tour is using 2 x grandMA2 full-size, 1 x grandMA2 light and 5 x MA NPU (Network Processing Unit). Neg Earth supplied the lighting equipment for Europe, while Upstaging covered the US. Read more about grandMA2 for Adele...

Eurovision Song Contest voted again for grandMA2: Over 60 DMX universes were handled with ease

grandMA2 control was once again considered the only choice for lighting and video control at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) staged in the Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden.
Four weeks of intense technical, production and artist rehearsals and two televised semi-finals featuring 42 participants preceded the final itself featuring 26 performances, which was broadcast to an estimated TV audience of 180 million worldwide by host broadcaster STV, explained lighting designer Fredrik Jonsson. Find out more about grandMA2 at Eurovision...

Now online: New dot2 tutorial videos

MA has now published new dot2 tutorial videos. The videos are presented by Chris Moylan and focus on the new functions of the recently released dot2 software version 1.2. You can watch the videos on the dot2 website. You can download the new dot2 software version there as well.

The videos will also be translated in multiple languages and will be made available on the dot2 website soon.

“The evolution of entertainment”: grandMA2 for Sama-Sama Live

The Sama-Sama Live interactive park in Madrid is a revolutionary new concept in the entrainment industry. The park offers the audience an opportunity to participate and feel how it is to be a performer. Roy Ofer, founder and CEO of Sama-Sama, had the vision to create a fun and loose way to reach out to the visitors inner artist and connect them with their own creativity to the core of this new experience. Cochavi&Klein light architects worked closely with artistic director Amir Schorr, designer Keith Greco and video director Pamela Schneider to create this extraordinary world of movement, video and light. Lighting designer Eran Klein used for the park 4 x grandMA2 full-size and 4 x MA NPU (Network Processing Unit). Read more about grandMA2 for Sama-Sama...

A wave of enthusiasm: Planetshakers Awakening Conference votes for grandMA2

The Planetshakers Church is a Pentecostal Christian ministry affiliated with Australian Christian Churches. It started when the Planetshakers band moved to Melbourne in 2004. The church has over 10,000 members. For their recent Planetshakers Awakening Conference in the Hicense Arena Melbourne, Australia, lighting designer and programmer Paul Collison trusted again in MA Lighting using 2 x grandMA2 ultra-light, 1 x grandMA2 fader wing, 1 x MA onPC command wing and 3 x MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) to control nearly 600 fixtures. Read more about grandMA2 at Planetshakers Awakening Conference...

“Very easy to handle”: Rivers Church Durban invests in dot2 core

Rivers Church in Durban has invested in a new MA Lighting dot2 core console which was specified by Rivers’ Head of Lighting, Ed Helliwell. Helliwell is based at the Rivers campus in Sandton Johannesburg, but also oversees the lighting and visuals departments of the busy Durban venue. He’s a big advocate of the flexibility of the MA control platform and has had a great experience with the grandMA2 in Johannesburg, which has just opened a brand new 3000 capacity auditorium which is in addition to their older 1200 capacity space. Read more about dot2 core at Rivers Church...

Tall, taller, tallest: 44th UAE National Day selects grandMA2

Home to the world’s tallest building, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is accustomed to doing things big. The extensive festivities marking the 44th UAE National Day were no exception. The official National Day event at Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi was a high-end production featuring grandMA2 consoles. Read more about the grandMA2 at Zayed Sports City...

“The whole experience has been a very positive one”: dot2 core for Salisbury Playhouse

The Salisbury Playhouse has recently brought down the curtain on a Myrtle Theatre Company production of “Up Down Man” by Brendan Murray. The lighting of this internationally acclaimed play was designed and programmed by award winning lighting designer Michael Straun. He chose to run the show on an MA Lighting dot2 core console after attending one of the seminars run by exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions. Read more about dot2 core at Salisbury Playhouse...

dot2 Insider Tip

Did you know that...

... you can use the macros Export patch and Cue lists. They came with the software. These Macros allow you to print relevant Datas like Patch and Cue lists from your dot2.

grandMA2 Insider Tip

Did you know that...

... you can press the Fixture button twice to use the Selection command. For example: On Selection, to activate the actual selection of fixtures.
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