24 | 08 | 2016

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dot2 software version 512 free DMX channels with MA dot2 onPC

The new dot2 software release comes with a great new feature: From now, the free of charge MA dot2 onPC version outputs up to 512 DMX channels without MA hardware. The free DMX channels can output sACN or Art-Net protocols in the first DMX universe. The MA dot2 onPC software is running under Windows® 7 or higher. This release also includes additional pre-defined position effects and several bug-fixes.

Download the latest software release and the free of charge dot2 onPC here.

You can find our software release video here.

MA for Jeff Lynne’s ELO: “I went straight for a grandMA2”

While the appearance of a grandMA2 full-size console out front as the desk of choice for the recent tour by Jeff Lynne’s ELO might pass unnoticed these days, its operation by Matt Pitman brought some interesting features to light for what is still a relatively new beast.

Read more about grandMA2 for Jeff Lynne's ELO...

dot2 for Lock, Stock & Barrel: “There is nothing average”

The Lock, Stock & Barrel in Dubai was inspired by the trend of casual, industrial and live music venues all over the world. Spread over two floors and with more than 800 square metres, it focuses on live music events and sports with two bars, a live music stage and eleven screens.

Lighting designer Ben M Rogers of ArchiLX worked alongside the interiors team from mid 2015 to be ready for opening in the first half of 2016. For lighting control he specified an MA Lighting dot2 XL-B console running an Art-Net based network driving all the show and architectural lighting in the venue.

Find out more about the dot2 in the Lock, Stock & Barrel...

Clash of the Choirs uses MA: TV show votes for grandMA2 and MA VPU

Blond Productions was involved, for the third consecutive year, to supply the full technical for the televised competition Clash of the Choirs held at Global Access Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mauritz Neethling from Blond was responsible for the lighting design, having control via a grandMA2 light. He also used a MA VPU plus MK2 (Video Processing Unit).

Find out more about grandMA2 for Clash of the Choirs...

Become an expert: Meet our dot2 blog Tips + Tricks team

Are you already familiar with our Tips + Tricks area in the dot2 blog? In this area our dot2 blog team, consisting of Qincy, Daniel, Markus and Lars, regularly posts the latest tips how to use the dot2 even smarter. All posts go along with a video showing you in simple steps how to reach your goal and all videos are in German and English available..

Here you can find our Tips + Tricks

dot2 Insider Tip

Did you know that...

... you can use the button executors also only for commands? Store an empty cue on an button executor, use the view button to display the stored cuelist and make entries in the CMD field f.e. to fire a macro like "odd" and "even"

You will find more dot2 Tips + Tricks here...

grandMA2 Insider Tip

Did you know that...

... you can assign a Presettype to a Sheet. For example: Assign Presettype 4 (touch the Color 4 Presettype button) and touch the head line of a Fixture Sheet.
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