05 | 07 | 2017

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MA Software Release 3.3 video: All new features explained

In this video Chris Moylan explains all the brand new features of grandMA2 software release version 3.3 in detail. Have a look and find out how to use these new possibilities. Discover also what you can find in the new MA Fixture Share. Watch the video now.

Ed Sheeran takes grandMA2 around the world: “grandMA2 is the current industry standard for lighting and visual control”

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular, successful and respected young music talents of the moment and is currently engaged on an extensive world tour, featuring an eye-catching production design by Mark Cunniffe with a networked grandMA2 system specified to control lighting and playback video. Read more...

grandMA2 provide networked control for SAP’s Sapphire NOW/ASUG Annual Conference: “The show was massive”

grandMA2 consoles and switches played a key role in networked lighting and video control for SAP’s Sapphire NOW/ASUG Annual Conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Lighting designer Paul Palazzo and programmer Paul J. Sonnleitner have worked on the event since 1999 and have been using MA consoles for the last 12 years. Read more...

grandMA2 performs at Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts: Reliability and flexibility praised

The Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts, located at the Olympic Sports Center in Jiangsu Najing, is the largest modern theatre in China second in size only to the National Grand Theater located in Beijing. It was designated as a world-class exhibition of works of art, the international exchange of arts activities platform and a public education platform for the promotion of arts. Its Opera Hall is equipped with 2 x grandMA2 full-size, 2 x grandMA2 light and 2 x grandMA2 fader wing whereas its concert hall relies on 2 x grandMA2 ultra-light and 2 x MA 2Port Node as well as 2 x MA DMX Booster. Read more...

Visit the MA Fixture Share

In the MA Fixture Share you can download the up-to-date MA Lighting fixture library and lots of user created fixtures for your grandMA2 and dot2. This database provides all kind of fixtures with all relevant modes and firmware versions and it is constantly growing.

Vist the MA Fixture Share now.

Become an expert: dot2 blog Tips + Tricks

Are you already familiar with our Tips + Tricks area in the dot2 blog? In this area our MA blog team regularly posts the latest tips how to use the dot2 even smarter. All posts go along with a video showing you in simple steps how to reach your goal. Here you can find our Tips + Tricks

dot2 Insider Tip

Did you know that...

... with MIB your fixtures automatically prepare for upcoming cues when they are not visible. So you can avoid not wanted visual fades to attribute values.

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grandMA2 Insider Tip

Did you know that...

... user profiles can now be limited to a specific world.
To edit open: In Setup/Console/User & Profiles Setup

Or use the command line:
"Assign UserProfile X /World=<index or name or -1 for reset>"

Users whose user profiles are limited to a world are not able to change to any other world.

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