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The MA Network Switch

Based on our decades-long knowledge, MA has developed a network solution with convincing performance and reliability, giving users total control over the network – the MA Network Switch.

The MA Network Switch offers a simple solution for all types of networks. It uses all the entertainment industry protocols and makes the network management easier for users without deeper networking  knowledge. The MA Network Switch is perfect for complex networks as well as for permanent installations and temporary projects.

Intuitive network access

Thanks to an intuitive web browser interface all setups can be easily achieved. It is also possible to set the MA Network Switch up via a grandMA2 console or the grandMA2 onPC software. This way, the grandMA2 user has control of the whole network.

The start menu offers an overview over all important settings.

Easy grouping of ports

By grouping ports it is possible to separate different data streams in the network like lighting, video or sound.

The ports are displayed clearly and can be easily assigned (lighting, video, audio etc.).

More efficiency thanks to presets and filters

With filters it is possible to significantly enhance the network communication, because you only send a fixture the data it actually needs. Superfluous data is filtered and not used. Additionally filters can be combined and saved as presets in the MA Network Switch, which simplifies and accelerates the workflow – especially for recurring works.
Filters and presets can be used to send only the data of the selected filter or to block a defined data. The MA Network Switch comes with a standard set of filters and presets installed ex works, and more can easily be added by the user.

Filters and presets can be edited quick and easy.

Impressive power

Thanks to its Gigabit connectors, the MA Network Switch offers the full performance of the whole MA System. The display offers in parallel a status and a bandwidth monitor.

Status Monitor
Bandwith Monitor

Networking according to all standards

The MA Network Switch is compatible with IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet and can be integrated into existing Ethernet networks. Experienced system technicians have access to functions like VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network), IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) and RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol).