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Catalogues + Brochures

Here you can find all of our available catalogues and brochures for downloading. If you are in need of further data, please get in touch with us.

Main catalogue

Main catalogue, english

MA onPC solutions

MA onPC solutions, english

MA VPU brochure

MA VPU brochure, english
MA VPU brochure, german


grandMAgazine 2015 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2014 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2014 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2013 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2013 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2012 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2012 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2011 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2011 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2011 spring, german
grandMAgazine 2010 Theatre Special, english
grandMAgazine 2009 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2009 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2008 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2008 spring, english
grandMAgazine 2007 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2007 spring, german
grandMAgazine 2006 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2006 spring, german
grandMAgazine 2005 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2004 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2003 autumn, english
grandMAgazine 2002, english

Case Studies

Case Study Eurovision Song Contest 2011, english
Case Study Shanghai World Expo 2010, english
Case Study Victoria Theatre Singapore, english
Case Study Swarovski “Silent Movie”, english
Case Study A World of Cars "BMW Welt" in Munich, english
Case Study Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Beijing, english
Case Study Tyumen's Theatre of Drama, english
Case Study Schouwburg Rotterdam, english
Case Study Queensland Performing Arts Centre, english
Case Study Stadion Center Vienna, english
Case Study German Pop Idol, english
Case Study Central Station Berlin, english
Case Study Operaen Copenhagen, english
Case Study The Police, english
Case Study DR Byen, english
Case Study Eurovision Song Contest, english
Case Study Commonwealth Games, english
Case Study Wynn Resort, english
Case Study Time Warner Center, english
Case Study Expo 2005, english
Case Study Vasco Rossi, english
Case Study QVC, Inc. Studios, english
Case Study Blue Man Group, english