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MA VPU Training

2 days


This is intended for programmers who already work with the MA VPU or who want to work with it in the future, as well as rental companies wishing to provide advanced system support for their customers. Participants must have completed the ‘grandMA2 User Training’ course.

The aim of the training is to provide participants with the knowledge required for regular work with the MA VPU. This includes planning, construction and operation of an MA VPU system as well as the necessary service and system maintenance.


Complete overview
Hardware  introduction
MA VPU system layout
Conceptual aspects of the MA VPU

Setting up the MA VPU
Touchscreen / presentation
Touchscreen display – settings and status displays
Video in

Working in a network
Setting up a network
Introduction to the MA VPU Graphical User Interface
Preview / multi-preview
The MA VPU  3D world
Content editor and file browser
SDI and video in via USB

Pixel mapping
Introduction to pixel mapping
Presentation, output area
System monitoring

Camera and master fixture
Using cameras
Using master / main fixtures

MA VPU and MA lighting panel in an integrated network
Planning a show
Planning the setup
Useful tools for using MA VPU
Useful tools for checking video content

Resetting the MA VPU
Restoring factory settings
Safety settings / backup

Please contact your local MA Office or official MA Distributor next to you, to check out upcoming training dates.

For contact details please click here.