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MA System Operator

1 day

The Participants must have completed the ‘grandMA2 User Training’ course or have equivalent experience.


This course is intended for people who have completed at least grandMA2 User training and wish to take their knowledge further in expanding their system beyond a single console.
This course is intended for people who want to one or more of the following:

Use a 2nd console as a back-up
Use MA onPC with a console
Program offline
Visualise a rig
Expand a system, i.e. NPU or Nodes etc.
Program a show with multiple consoles and/or multiple people programming
Use different user profiles
Restrict consoles down to using only sections of a rig, i.e. use “Worlds”
Add a remote to the console


MA Sectors
Intro to Networking
Connecting it together
MA Limitations
Network protocols (languages)
Methods of using multiple consoles
MA Parameter count
Station and Sessions
MA Network Configuration
Node, NSP and NPU set up
Using multiple consoles
Artnet setup
MA Network Switch

Please contact your local MA Office or official MA Distributor next to you, to check out upcoming training dates.

For contact details please click here.