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Network as a nervous system
A reliable and powerful network is important and crucial in today’s projects. You can compare a network with a nervous system. It is essential for the performance of the whole system – independent of the data, like lighting, video or audio, that is being transmitted.

The relevance of networking
The relevance of the network is constantly rising. This is based on the fact that the newest fixtures need more data, like LED fixtures with single pixel control for example, or for a function like Pixel Mapping. Also the demands of projects are constantly growing. Some keywords here are an application-neutral infrastructure, a higher network communication and multiple data streams.

Easy and intuitive network management
As a manufacturer of professional control technology, MA Lighting’s aim is to develop networking components that fulfil the highest MA standards and are intuitive and easy to operate. Where IT components often need specialised knowledge, MA system components speak one common language – thereby easing the task of network management.


Synchronicity and realtime
Over 35 years of being at the cutting-edge of lighting control technology, MA Lighting has acquired comprehensive knowledge in the development of professional control and network technology. Twenty-five years ago, MA successfully launched its own network protocol – MA-Net. Since then MA-Net has been under constant development, with synchronicity and real-time just two of many benefits helping make this protocol highly efficient.

Furthermore, MA Lighting was and is involved in countless projects that utilise complex networks. Close communication with users, internal benchmark tests and continuous quality management as well as effective MA network training has established MA as a network specialist.

Powerful backbone: The MA-Net2
MA-Net2 is the powerful backbone and language of all MA system components. Its far more that a DMX protocol. It is an integral part of the MA system architecture. All consoles, MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) as well as MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) are connected via the MA-Net2 and work in unison.

Scalable system
The architecture of MA-Net2 allows for the scalability of the MA System – starting with the smallest backup solution right up to comprehensive multi-user/multi-console applications. As a central point the MA Network Switch guarantees the full grandMA2 system performance and fully synchronous fixture control with up to 256 DMX universes per session. This encompasses continuous backup and minimal configuration in parallel to a full system overview via the console.

Regular performance tests
To ensure the best performance the MA System has to pass a regular stress test. During this test the reliability is checked and the system performance optimised. Doing this, it is guaranteed that the MA System can withstand interferences from outside and will perform the way you expect.


An important part of the MA DNA is the support that, together with the MA Network Switch, encompasses the whole data transfer process from the console to DMX distribution. Additionally, the MA support hotline offers help 24/7.