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Proven hardware of MA Lighting

The picture shows MA Network Switch Art.-No.: 130600
FIBERFOX LWL connector
Neutrik opticalCON LWL connector

The MA Network Switch offers sophisticated hardware. All connections offer Gigabit Ethernet and are executed as Neutrik etherCON. Additionally fiber optic connectors are available, for example Neutrik or Fiberfox as well as others. The MA Network Switch is built into a sturdy 1HU housing and coloured LEDs on the front and back panel enable quick orientation of the groups.

Furthermore, the front display shows the port status, used filters and recognized MA system components in the network.

Find out more about the MA Network Switch here.

Your benefits

  • Easy and intuitive network management
  • Setup via a web browser interface, grandMA2 and grandMA2 onPC
  • Clearly arranged grouping of ports
  • Link aggregation for more safety and bandwidth
  • Lighting, sound and video in one network
  • Presets for efficient port filtering
  • Custom filters can be added
  • Guarantees full grandMA2 system performance
  • Tailored for entertainment protocols
  • For fixed installations and temporary projects
  • Compatible with Ethernet standards
  • Sturdy and reliable hardware
  • Proven MA service and support