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19 | 03 | 2018

MA strikes against product copier

Clear message sent

We of MA Lighting know that our software was hacked and that our products are being copied in China. We also know that it is extremely difficult to go against the copier in China.

Consequently we have decided to take legal action against the importers and users of such copies, as the import as well as the commercial use of copied products is prosecutable.

We have a series of patents and IP rights, that we can use on international legal basis. On top of that we work with the most renowned lawyers in this field.

Currently we are working on several cases and we have successfully concluded the first legal decision in our favour. The respective user has deferred to the requests of our lawyers and the console was confiscated.

Furthermore we will approach specific distribution partners in various countries on the basis of successfully concluded cases in order to achieve the same results in their countries.