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Eure Geschichten mit MA

Los geht´s ...

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary.
It's a drawing with a pen.

Jin Soo Park
Bupyeong Art Center
South Korea


I started programing MA3 and MA2 in 2022 (I was only 13 years old). I am passionate in this industry and I really love your product. I start learning MA with MAonPC. After I start to make some show at my school and now 1 year later I work as a lighting engineer in an arena.

I am still learning with only a PC and the beautiful software except when I am at the arena and that's all.

It´s a small story but I wanted to share it with you.

Gabriel Marchand


ich heiße Moritz und bin 12 Jahre alt.

Ich bin ein riesengroßer Fan von MA Lighting und mein aller größter Traum ist es Lichttechniker zu werden.

Ich habe schon im Alter von 5 Jahren meine erste grandMA mit Lego nachgebaut. Im Laufe der Jahre habe ich Erfahrung gesammelt und mit verschiedenen, einfachen DMX Controllern begonnen. Da ich nicht so viele Möglichkeiten mit diesen Pulten hatte, wollte ich schon seit langer Zeit auf die dot2 wechseln. Dieses Pult hat nämlich für meine Verhältnisse passende Funktionen mit denen ich schon gut umgehen kann. Im Europa Park habe ich bereits Shows mit grandMA programmiert und abgefahren. Ich habe auch sehr gute, eigene Lampen u.a. von Robe und Clay Paky, aber leider keine professionelle Pult-Hardware dafür.

Mittlerweile arbeite ich an meiner dot2 onpc über ein ausgespieltes Universum. Ich träume aber sehr von einer echten Hardware-Variante.

Ich möchte so gerne meine Shows live gestalten und weiter vor echtem Publikum präsentieren.

Wenn ich groß bin, werde ich auf jeden Fall Veranstaltungstechniker.


The first time I saw an MA console was on a bookshelf, here at our Sales Director office. This looking-like salt dough model arose my curiosity and I tried to figure out what it was looking like for real, and also what could be expected from it! I've learnt a lot since that time and can say they look much more beautiful for real, and very popular in every venue I visit!

PS: I've been told it is also good to eat (the model, not the real console)... Never dared to do it so far!

Séverine Zucchiati
Robert Juliat

I discovered the world of lighting after watching a Christian Jackson video and I immeadiately fell in love with MA and lights. I started offering my school lights and now I'm doing the biggest event in my school (graduation party) I'm 15 now and lighting has changed my life.

Gustaw Tomaszewski

I came into lighting having never touched a lighting console and working with the grandMA2 made things so easy to learn and grow as a new LD. I wouldn’t choose any other console than MA. I am now working towards growing my grandMA3 skills!

Michael Henderson
FiveTen Co.Visual Arts

Hey, my name is Luca Hagen, I’m 16 years old and from Austria.

I was about 6 years old when I was on holiday in Antalya with my father and every single evening there was a big show. At that time, I had no idea how it would affect my future life and hobbies. The only thing I was looking at were the 6 Moving Heads, which were just randomly moving and were projected a few Gobos onto the wall. And due to my lifelong interest in technology, these six Moving Heads have inspired me to create light shows at home using flashlights and an old projector. I remember vividly, my cousins of the same age organized a fashion show during a family party, and I just wanted to do the lighting and everything behind the scenes. The first contact with a grandMA2 onPC wing was at 11, I guess. It was at the After-show Party of the World Gymnastrada 2019 here in Vorarlberg. It were just a few lights and some random colors and movements but I had so much fun playing with the lights, that at that moment, I knew, this is what I want to do in the future! In the last few years I have done lighting at many parties, festivals, and events in my town. The best experience on my lighting journey so far was, when I first worked with a grandMA3 Light running on Mode 3. I am currently studying. I am currently working hard to improve my skills in Mode 3 because I believe that Mode 3 will become the industry standard, primarily due to its Phaser feature and recipes. My biggest dream is not to eventually drive an expensive sports car or own a huge villa, but to be able to one day buy my own grandMA3 Light. When the Eurovision Song contest was over, I picked out my favorite songs from there and tried building the stage in 3d and I am still programming some songs with that stage.

Luca Hagen

We used an grandMA2 on our School-Party! The Party was very amazing!

Video Link: https://youtube.com/shorts/MRHehPsVzqo?feature=share

Fabian Ruhl
Gymnasium Neubiberg 

Last year, I was finishing my college's graduation. I served as the technical coordinator for our cultural festival, which was held in May. I had the chance to design the stage. I later participated a musical fest named INDIEGAGA I also had the opportunity to see how programming is carried out on an MA console and how the LDs experiment with the effects engine in MA2, which was an incredible experience for me. Later, I began training myself to use an MA console. Now I am a freelance LD.

Albin Biju

The grandMA3 is my favourite desk.... I am a 14yr old (almost 15) boy who is very interested in lighting for huge events. My biggest dream is to own my own grandMA3 and perhaps run the next coronation concert on one! I have gotten involved with many companies to get work experience, e.g. Neg Earth or SFL. I have loved lighting from the age of 8 despite no one in my family in the industry, I will definitely work in this industry and already have so many contacts.

Samuel Hagger

100% MA user, I love the versatility and professionalism of our grandMA1...grandMA2...grandMA3... tables, without a doubt my favorite platform. I am a MA user for all kind of shows, big or small, I have a long trajectory in the show business recognized by many companies worldwide.... WHO I AM guillermo ( MEMO ) fighter and friend of the industry. LOVE AND PASSION TO ILLUMINATE...

Guillermo Leon Castro Mejia 
Latam iluminadores

Ich bin jahrelanger grandMA2 / grandMA3 User und habe eine kleine Tochter. Da sie mit 1,5 Jahren schon eine Schwäche für Lichtschalter hat und es sehr schwierig ist, wenn man nach einer Veranstaltung nach 1-2 Stunden Schlaf ein munteres Kind hat, dass eine Lichtshow mit zwei Schaltern veranstaltet, habe ich mir gedacht, ich baue meiner Tochter ihr eigenes kleines Lichtpult :) und so entstand die GrandDAD3 :) und ein glückliches kleines Mädchen, dass stundenlang mit ihrem eigenen Lichtpult spielt. :)

Johannes Wetzinger 

Meine Geschichte ist, dass ich in meiner Veranstaltungstechnik AG schon seit 2 Jahren mit der dot2 Licht mache. Ich mache das jetzt noch als Hobby, aber hoffentlich bald in einer Firma mit der GrandMA3 3 full-size.

Henry Nietsch

My journey started in 2003, I was introduced to the grandMA working in the Moving Light department where I stored my first Sequence, ever since then the grandMA has become my daily driver. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities, made new friends, and found mentors, all while being a part of the MA Family. The experience has been truly heartwarming.

Aaron Thomas 
Lightology Australia 

I’m freelance lighting designer work in this field last 30 years. I'm 45 year old during covid I have heart attack after that i hospitalised then my heart angioplasty surgery done two arteries blocked. During covid I also help my backstage light and sound technician provide food in new Delh and orher state also.

Milind Srivastava
Freelancer lighting designer

Just a photo to prove that we were there when you started. Always and only MA.

Alessandro Caso

My story is short: when I learned about MA, I thought it is something hard and unreachable for me, but every day during the learning process I catched myself thinking that MA think's logically as I do and it was cool. So today in my town (Kaluga) all stages are having different MA consoles on board and it's cool to come with beer to colleagues as a guest and to easily do the work at any time at any stage - and we all understand what we are talking about. So, go further together.

Evgenii Karman
Moscow Theatre of Young Spectators (in Tsaritsino)


It was 2006, only 17 years young.
My first meeting with MA Lighting. The good old MA 24/6
Nowadays my favorite table is MA3.

Evelyn Van't Hof
Theater de Bussel 


Start using grandMA1 with the cd that came with the console. From that moment I fell in love with his way of working, I bought my first 2port node and a grandMA2 command wing.
Being a grandMA programmer gave me and continues to give me great satisfaction.

Victor Olivera
k3studio lighting


I have the whole story of our Command Wing in a Sway:
Many greetings and have fun.

Felix Größler
studiotem u311

Hello my name is Gabriel, I'm 20 years old and I live in the city of Passa Tempo, state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.
I've always liked lighting since I was a little boy, discovering consoles and light control methods until I got to know the MA Lighting consoles.
This revolutionized the lighting programming method for me, being the most powerful system reliable and stable, since then I have never stopped using MA Lighting platforms as a programming solution.

Gabriel Augusto de Sousa
Gabriel Light Designer

Some years ago during a corporate event with a grandMA1 full-size, one orator go to stage border, so, of course, I took the relative fixtures and in fine mode move that, but after some seconds I see the fixtures move litte bit itself in random mode...,ahahah whats appenen !!?? ....close to the big yellow p/t ball was a box of same size oranges that was eating the standing director .. him taked instead of the real fruit the p/t ball....the wonder of this craft...

Martire Davide

My first encounter with grandMA was in 2017 at a music festival here in India. I wasn't familiar about the console workings then however, the house LD was kind enough to help me with the programming of the show since I worked on a different platform before. Post the show and just before leaving the site, the house LD jokingly asked me to come prepared to work only on an MA when I see him next time :) I took those words pretty seriously and after exploring the platform for a few years, I finally invested in my own console and since then there has been no stopping!

grandMA changed my way of thinking about lighting design. It helped me streamline my workflow, it also helped me open my programming mind with newer set of ideas on multi-disciplinary events such as Prateek Kuhad Asia Tour, Lollapalooza Festival (India) to even my recent shows with comedian Zakir Khan at the iconic venues, Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Palais Theatre and many more. . I am very fortunate to travel all-around of the world in good company with my partner on the road, the grandMA console!

Naveen Deshpande
Ground Control

Moin, mein Name ist Ebbe und ich bin 17 Jahre alt. Im Winter 2022 stieß auf den Youtuber Christian Jackson und so mit auf MA/dot2. Seitdem sind 7 Monate vergangen. Ich präsentierte meine erste Lightshow zum Geburtstag und machte etwas für meine Schule
(https://short.ping-mee.de/epfoggq). Aktuell baue ich an meiner eigenen Lichtkonsole, die dot2 und grandMA3 nutzen soll. Dafür werde ich mir wohl noch eine MA3 Node holen.

Ebbe Baß

I started at 12 years old, when I joined the lighting team at my church. I quickly was able to pick up on programming, and I was regarded as the best lighting designer at the church. I started to go to restaurants and was able to program for them. I’m now 13 and I love where this has taken me.

Jorge Hernandez
United States

13 years MA user

Philip Habib