grandMA3 Software Release 1.4

Many Enhancements

MA Lighting has now released grandMA3 Software Version 1.4. This release rolls out many enhancements to continuously improve the basic workflow, as well as new features that enrich the overall lighting control experience. Additionally, it marks a fundamental step in the evolution of lighting control software and introduces the new concepts of Recipes and MAgic (MA grid interpolation concept).

The enhanced recursive Selection functionality supports easy tree-structure selections not only for fixtures but for any object. The well-known MAtricks have been expanded from a Selection Tool to a full three-dimensional manipulation tool for Phase, Speed, Fade, Delay and several Invert Value and Invert Encoder functionality. MAtricks integrates perfectly with the new way of creating and adjusting Phasers. The streamlined UI – known as Phaser Editor – is available straight from the Encoder bar and hosts a step editor now. On top all Presets, the Programmer and Cue-Parts can host Recipes – the most powerful way to pre-arrange your show, change ingredients and re-cook single parts or the whole show!

Besides an optimized 3D window for even better performance there are different selection modes to copy any selection straight into the grid view. The color picker improvements for additive color mixing allow generic use of GDTF color information to match colors of different fixture types.

Working on the playback side of things the Sequences and Sequence Sheet handling has been improved for faster workflows. And the enhanced Copy functionality for Cues, Cue-Content and all other Objects comes in handy when editing and adjusting afterwards. This goes along with all Timecode and Timecode Editor Improvements for much smoother Timecode Show generation and editing. New Event Symbols and easier access of Time-markers allow for a smarter overview.

Newly implemented protocols such as RDM support the workflow enhancements for concert touring as well as fixed installations. Many more smaller enhancements, bug fixes and feature adjustments for already implemented functionality enrich the programming experience and show the continuous commitment from MA Lighting to improve the user workflow.

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and is designed to accommodate the current and future needs of lighting control. MA Lighting continues to deliver a lighting control tool for new and existing users of all genres, to create new and exciting shows of any scale.

For the complete list of features and enhancements or further information please read the release notes here:


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