A reliable, powerful and efficient network is important and crucial in today‘s projects – it is the essential backbone for the performance of the whole control system.

MA system components speak one common language and work seamlessly together in the network.

We make sure that control requirements on a concert stage, a theatre or television production, for houses of worship, architectural shows or cruise ships will be fullfilled in the same way.

Our claim

Reliable and scalable MA System Solutions are our passion and our claim.

Thereby the aim is to provide components with the highest MA standards and are intuitive and easy to operate for future-proof control.

MA Systems based on Applications

Do you have to design a lighting control system?

Here you can have a look at some different applications and how MA system components help you to achieve the best possible result.

Example Concert Touring

Concert Touring

  • Powerful multi-user environment
  • Scalable up to 250.000 parameters
  • Real-time and synchronous DMX output in the whole system
  • Various network protocols
Example Theatre


  • Reliable backup scenarios
  • Additional control devices where needed
  • Decentralized DMX inputs and outputs
  • Various connections to third-party systems
Example TV


  • Seamless integration of different system components
  • Flexibility in combination of devices
  • Compatibility to common network standards

It's all in your hand.

You want to learn more about networking and how to set up your network in the best possible way?

Please get in contact with your local MA distributor or with us directly!

We give you individual advice and find the right solution for your network.

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More knowledge with MA University

In the MA University we teach you many valuable things about our products and how they work. This helps you to understand how a network works and which opportunities there are.

Here you can find more information about the MA System Operator and MA System Specialist trainings.