Market Segments

Concert Touring – Live Events

When the audience roars and the lights on stage start to shine it is good to know that you are controlling your moving lights, conventionals, LED lightsources and video screens with a MA console. Living the daily life on tour can be hard, but with rock solid MA equipment  you are always on the safe side. 


Theatre – Musicals

To be or not to be – that is a question you definitely don’t have to ask yourself when controlling the lighting for Hamlet or any of the other theatrical classics or musicals. With your MA console, everything is at the touch of your fingertips.


TV – Film

With an audience of millions live in front of the TV screen, it’s down to you to deliver a flawless show. Isn’t it good to know, that you can rely 100 percent on your MA System? The powerful consoles enable you to feel relaxed when the cameras turn on their red lights.



Skyscrapers, monuments, shopping malls – the bigger the buildings get, the more need for a sophisticated lighting control solution to illuminate them in all their glory. MA Lighting has all these tools and more.