MA 2Port Node

MA Lighting

Flush-mounted "US version", 2x DMX in

Conversion of ethernet data to DMX data and vice versa

Art.No.: 130186


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The MA 2Port Node supplements the MA Lighting product range for networking and integrated system solutions and provides a tool for converting ethernet data to DMX data and vice versa.

The MA 2Port Nodes will be available in two different versions for DMX distribution in fixed installations: The EU version fits into an 80mm in-wall box while the US version is supposed to be mounted in a two-gang-box. Both versions are available with three socket configurations: two DMX input connectors, two DMX output connectors or one in- and one output connector.
For flexible and mobile use there is also a special ‘MA 2Port Node onPC’ available, that even outputs DMX in combination with grandMA2 onPC and grandMA onPC.
The MA 2Port Nodes will work with power over Ethernet (PoE) or an external power supply. Two green LEDs will indicate if DMX traffic is in progress. Both, DMX LEDs and the display’s backlight, can be switched on and off remotely. The ‘finder function’ is a clever way to let the console indicate a selected node by flashing its backlight. In turn, a press of a button on the MA 2Port Node onPC will identify it on the console’s display.
All MA 2Port Nodes are fully integrated into the MA System. That means easy, comfortable configuration incl. in/out assignment of each node from any grandMA console or grandMA2 onPC/grandMA onPC. It’s also possible to use the nodes with other systems, because they speak MA-Net2, MA-Net and Art-Net, which can be set remotely.


  • Integrated part of the MA System
  • Speaks MA-Net2, MA-Net and Art-Net
  • Stand-alone use with MA-Net2, MA-Net or any Art-Net system
  • Power supply via PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • EU and US flush-mount versions
  • Hardware configurations available: 2 DMX outputs, 2 DMX inputs, 1 DMX in/1 DMX out
  • Remote control of backlight and LEDs
  • Easy and comfortable remote configuration incl. input and output assignment

Technical Specifications

Dimensions114 x 114 x 45 mm
Net weight0.2kg