MA Digital Dimmer Rack 36 x 2.3kVA

compact version with 36/4 hotpatch unit, in Amptown ABS case

Art.No.: 140852


The special sturdy MA Digital Dimmer Touring racks with Amptown ABS-case are delivered with two, three or four MA Digital Dimmer units of different capacities. They are all equipped with an integrated power distribution (CEE or Powerlock) including all required RCD and circuit breakers.

For the touring version a hotpatch panel is integrated as a standard feature. The dimmer racks are available in different sizes from 24 x 2.3kVA up to 48 x 3.7kVA with hotpatch panel. A 12 x 5.7kVA version without hotpatch unit also is available. Special dimmer racks custom-made by our master workshop will be delivered on request. Customers may also specify power outputs equipped with Harting HAN16E, ICP/Socapex, CEE17 or Schuko connectors. The system is completed by the excellent Amptown ABS cases for optimum safety during transport and with additional heavy duty wheels on the back for easy manoeuvrability. All touring versions are equipped with hotpatch units with test plug and goose neck lamps. The output panel can also be equipped with constant current outputs.

A space-saving, compact dimmer rack. The MA 36 channel dimmer rack contains three MA Digital Dimmer Touring with 12 x 2.3kVA RCD each. This rack is equipped with a power distribution panel with the required RCDs, a 36/4 hotpatch panel and 24 x Harting HAN 16E output sockets. The rack is delivered completely wired and in full working order.


  • Equipped with power distribution 63A or 125A by CEE 3P+N+PE connector and 2m cable or powerlock distribution 250A with powerlock connectors for the 48 x 3.7kVA rack
  • Every single dimmer protected by RCD and fuses
  • Four additional direct power out
  • Output via 16 Harting HAN 16E connectors at the back side
  • 30mA RCD protection for each dimmer
  • Ampton Case with built in ABS chassis for optimal safety during transport
  • Hotpatch unit with LED desk lamp
  • Drawer for accessories and hotpatch cable

Supplied with

125A power distribution incl. 6 x permanent power lines with circuit breaker, hotpatch cable not included

Technical Specifications

Dimensions1,070 x 600 x 950mm / 42.1 x 23.6 x 37.4inch
Net weight205kg / 451lbs