MA remote control package

MA Lighting

incl. Apple iPod® touch (8GB)

iPad®/iPod® touch and Lancom Access Point

Hardware Set for MA remote control

Art.No.: 120141


For the MA remote control software MA Lighting offers an optimised hardware set. It consists of a preconfigured access point and either an 16GB iPad® or 8GB iPod® touch. The MA remote software is pre-installed, so the MA remote control package is ‘ready to go’.

In combination with an iPad® or iPod® touch the MA remote control software offers convenient remote control of all grandMA2 and grandMA series 1 consoles as well as grandMA onPC and grandMA2 onPC. This means it is possible to remote access all important functions like channel or fixture selection and the adjustment of intensity, position, colour etc.
Therefore MA remote control is a universal remote control or a remote focus unit for focusing on stage. Likewise it can be used as a rigger's remote for function checking. Via a WLAN access point the MA remote control stays connected to one console or the whole system.


  • iPad® or iPod® touch with preconfigured ‘ready to go’ software MA remote control
  • Convenient remote control for all important functions of the grandMA2 and grandMA series 1 range
  • Bi-directional communication via WLAN
  • Up to 6 remote control units can be used with a grandMA series 1 and up to 2 with grandMA2

Supplied with

Apple iPod® touch (8GB) for MA remote control package
Lancom Access Point