19" unit

Art.No.: 120101


Even in the late 80s multifunctional consoles were used for the premier touring and theatre business. Today they are also used for many small productions. The original idea of controlling multifunc­tional equipment via a common lighting control desk quickly became absolutely essential: the complexity of these moving lights required a completely new and independent operating logic.

Here the MA scancommander set new standards. Today its basic operating philosophy combined with the comfortable programming with a maximum of flexibility is found in nearly every Moving Light-Controller. After its introduction into the market in 1992 even today the Scancommander is still offering real solutions for demands that might occur with the control of multifunctional equipment.


  • 16 multifunctional fixtures with 24 functions each
  • Extension of capacity with the scancommander extension unit
  • Lamp types can be easily made or taken from the library
  • Direct choice of effects and units
  • Selective programming for free combination of presets and effects
  • Moving circle function
  • 5 macros with 50 operations each
  • 8 independent brightness potentiometers (HTP)
  • Up to 2,000 presets (LTP) can be stored in 16 sequences, 26 chasers and 104 memories
  • Extensive remote control possibilities with DMX, analogue, MIDI and SMPTE
  • Master-Slave-mode with a 2nd console or Scancommander Extension

Supplied with

connection cable
operating manual
without MIDI cable