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Art.No.: 4022019

Integrated 3D window for visualisation on all grandMA3 consoles and the onPC software

Fixture selection up to three dimensions

Multiple label options in 3D for best overview and information

The grandMA3 software with a refined user interface designed for fast programming and ease of use

Powerful color engine with the Color Picker as an intuitive user interface

Advanced playback functionalities to allow the best flexibility

The powerful Phaser engine - the innovative way to program dynamic values

Timecode view with multiple options of recording and editing your timecode show

The grandMA3 represents a radical re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The system features ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries and is designed to make practical tasks more intuitive.

Therefore, grandMA3 Software Version 1.4 marks a fundamental step in the evolution of lighting control software with introducing new concepts such as Recipes or MAgic combined with completely new designed MAtricks and enhanced Phasers. The latest software release rolls out plenty of enhancements and new features that enrich the lighting control experience.

Of course, the same grandMA3 software is available not only for the range of grandMA3 hardware, but also as onPC versions for Windows or MAC OS. While the grandMA3 software for consoles enables an unparalleled experience with the grandMA3 hardware, the onPC versions for Windows and MAC allow for offline programming or online show-control in the range of onPC solutions.

At a glance:

  • Enhanced Selection
  • Brand new MAtricks
  • Reworked Phaser Editor
  • New Feature: Recipes
  • Optimized 3D Window
  • New Color Picker Experience
  • Enhanced Copy Functionality
  • Improved Sequence and Sequence Sheet Handling
  • Improved Timecode and Timecode Editor
  • More Implemented Protocols
  • ...and many more enhancements!

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and is designed to accommodate the current and future needs of lighting control. The software has a refined user interface designed for fast programming and ease of use. Users can customize their workflow to incorporate favorite options and features, without cluttering their workspace. The standard default-configurations for screen views and playback layout are comprehensive but can be customized, providing a level of flexibility that many users will appreciate.

The grandMA3 incorporates a host of new functionality designed to simplify previously complex tasks. Improvements include a new Recast Preset function that allows for the selective updating of Cues including any Attributes that have been added or removed.

In addition to the advanced functionality, the grandMA3 can still master all the basics: Selecting fixtures, adjusting values, storing presets and playing back cues ‘should’ all feel familiar, but improved.

The General Device Type Format (GDTF) protocol support ensures fixtures perform precisely as their manufacturers intended and resulting in less time wasted during set-up. The emitter information provided is used to auto correct the color mixing of any additive color mixing fixture for the best color matching results. Additional information like REC 709 or REC 2020 or fixture type color gamut all support intuitive programming workflows. Also, a constant brightness mode is available for adjusting color without spoiling intensity levels.

The grandMA3 software incorporates a programmer with active values, which is seamlessly integrated into the overall playback. The programmer can be specifically masked or filtered to instantly locate key information.

The playback options on grandMA3 allow for maximum usability of all sequences. Users can now assign any function to any action of a button, fader or encoder. From a simple GO+ functionality on a single button press, to fast-forwarding when an encoder is turned clockwise and fast-backwards when turned anti-clockwise. All different assignments can be stored as default assignment for a one-click use at a later stage.

The grandMA3 software has a totally new effects concept, allowing multi-step effect sequences to be nested inside a cue or preset. "Phasers” are treated just like static parameter values and respect normal programming syntax. The user-friendly visual interface brings simplicity to a traditionally complex process. Additionally, MAgic (MA grid interpolation concept) has been implemented as a fantastic new way of easily programming complex alignments.

Surely the Recipe Workflow will be a game-changer! While usually only working with references, the user can now note down the ingredients used for a preset or phaser (or cue). At any time, changing the ingredients leads to a re-cooking of such and therefore updates all references! A completely new way of prepping and programming shows in the future.

The new Recipe workflow combined with MAgic and the massive new feature set of MAtricks allow for programming creativity not seen before. MAtricks still allows to manipulate the selection in any known combination but offers so much more: it inverts in different styles for values and encoder handling and also sets and stores Phase, Speed, Fade and Delay. All of this is available to manipulate the Grid Selection in all three dimensions and can be easily combined with Presets, Phaser, MAgic and Recipes.

The timecode editor functionality got a bunch of extra improvements – new markers, easier event handling and multiple symbols for a better overview. The overhaul of the timecode editor encoder bar leads to even faster and more precise editing of any scale of timecoded show.

Due to easy access throughout the grandMA3 software with the new recursive selection syntax everything can be addressed either absolutely or relatively. Grouping Fixtures now becomes a powerful tool – the user can remember the absolute fixture IDs or just work relative with the children of the Grouping Fixture.

With the introduction of Datapools, the grandMA3 takes the concept of multiuser environments to a whole new level. A single show file can now be used for several stages and/or several operators for one stage. Ideal for use at festivals and for support/main act separation when touring. Datapools allow users to enjoy full access to their own unique pools and playback handles. Every user can work freely without sharing pool-items or playback handles; however, users can also share data if desired.

Daytime programming at a summer festival can be very challenging and requires higher screen contrast compared to indoor use. With grandMA3, users can choose between default day and night color themes and can also edit and save custom color themes to suit their individual needs.

grandMA3 software version 1.4 adds a lot more to the daily workflow with additional enhancements, specifically in the area of networking, webremote and performance adjustments within the 3D window.

For all detailed information, the Release Notes of each Software Release describe the current implementations and enhancements. The grandMA3 Online Help or In-Software Help System supports all users with information about all programming topics. And there is a free-to-use MA E-learning available to get everyone up to speed with the latest grandMA3 software.


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