MA System Specialist Training

2 days

The MA System Specialist Course is for the more advanced network specialists working on larger events with complex networks. Everything you ever wanted to know about a MA network and a lot more in this two-day in-depth course.

The aim of the training is to plan, construct and configure an MA system. The course looks at network designs and topology, system settings, advanced network connection and customisation.

MA system philosophy, MA hardware and principles

  • Introduction
  • The MA system philosophy
  • Introduction to MA network equipment
  • Introduction to lighting and lighting control
  • The first networks - DMX
  • Comparing Ethernet and DMX
  • The history of the Ethernet
  • Network and system design theoretical basics
  • Network construction in theory
  • Effective network construction
  • Terms and descriptions
  • Network protocol
  • Ethernet – the basics

Network construction with lighting panels, specifics of the MA system, specifics of networks in the lighting world

  • Options and methods when using multiple lighting panels
  • MA parameter number
  • IP addresses
  • Stations and sessions
  • Additional stations
  • MA specifics – lighting worlds and user profiles
  • Remote control / remote solutions
  • Working in a network

Conclusion, outlook and problem solving

  • System specialist
  • Workflow
  • Planning a system
  • Troubleshooting, tips and tricks
  • Feedback and discussion