The grandMA3 software is the soul of the MA system and offers almost endless possibilities for your art of programming. You can fully customize it to your way of working. The software supplies you with everything you need for your daily work – no matter how big your project is.

It's your ultimate toolbox, giving you all the tools you need to achieve your creative goals.

The grandMA3 software takes into account your current and future lighting control needs. Therefore, each of our grandMA3 software releases marks a fundamental step in the evolution of lighting control, keeping the basics but introducing new concepts to support you in your daily work life.

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Curious? Here are the videos of the top features you will find in software version 2.0



You will find all improvements in the release notes in the download section of this website.  

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grandMA3 software: Your tool on all plattforms

The grandMA3 software is the same on all grandMA3 devices. Additionally, it is available as onPC software for Windows and Mac.
The advantages are the same everywhere!

The software is customised but not limited and offers the same functionality on all platforms.
Your showfile is fully compatible and you can combine all consoles and computers with the same software version to work together seamlessly.

The grandMA3 onPC versions for Windows and Mac allow you to output DMX connecting the grandMA3 onPC solutions hardware to your computer. You can start with a simple grandMA3 onPC Node connected to your laptop and run a smaller show.

It is the perfect entry level option for pre-programming, smaller shows or working with smaller budgets.

Download here. Start your new daily work life now. grandMA3 software.

Exciting workflows. More parameters. Future-proof control.

You heard something about parameter upgrade? You are right!

From grandMA3 Software Version 1.7 we provide a massive upgrade for most of the grandMA3 products - totaly for free!

It underlines our ability to scale the system accordingly to the changing needs of an evolving market. It is yet another important point proving that our system is future proof and a good investment for the future of show control.


More parameters with grandMA3 software version 1.7

You want to know how many parameters you can work with in the future?

Then download an overview here.

Well-known basics with improved workflows

You know the MA philosophy from previous generations, especially from the grandMA2 range?
Great – it will be easy for you to find your way through standard tasks like patching, selecting fixtures, setting values, saving presets and playing back cues. It should all seem familiar to you, but it has been improved.

You are new to the world of MA Lighting and start learning grandMA3?
Also, great – The grandMA3 software provides an entry level with a variety of features that make previously complex tasks easier: You will find condensed windows, predefined views, predefined views, pre-built phasers and much more to start programming your show. The MA Startshow delivers lots of pre-programmed show elements – just patch your fixtures and start programming!

GDTF support for your real-world fixture control

The General Device Type Format (GDTF) protocol support ensures fixtures perform precisely as their manufacturers intended, resulting in less time wasted during set-up.

The emitter information provided is used to auto correct color mixing of any additive and subtractive color mixing fixture for the best color matching results.

And to make it as simple as possible you can have a direct connection to the GDTF Share from the grandMA3 software via the Internet, to download your fixture types.

Locate key information instantly with the programmer

The grandMA3 software incorporates a programmer with active values, which is seamlessly integrated into the overall playback. The programmer can be specifically masked or filtered to instantly locate key information.

Additionally you can use the MAtricks for fast and easy live programming – they are a real wizard for everything you do in your programmer.

Easily assign functions to actions of a button, fader or encoder

The playback options on grandMA3 allow for maximum usability of all sequences. You can now assign any function to any action of a button, fader or encoder.

From a simple GO+ functionality on a single button press, to fast-forwarding when an encoder is turned clockwise and fast-backwards when turned anti-clockwise. All different assignments can be stored as default assignment for a one-click use at a later stage.

Phaser: Creating effects in a new way

The grandMA3 software has a totally new effects concept – it allows you to place multi-step effect sequences directly inside a preset or cue.

“Phasers” are treated just like static parameter values – there is no difference for you compared to the programming of static values. The normal programming syntax is respected which makes the creation of phasers very easy. You will find a user-friendly visual interface which brings simplicity to a traditionally complex process.

Additionally MAgic (MA grid interpolation concept) is a fantastic new way of easily programming complex alignments you will love!

Recipes – The game changer in programming workflow!

The Recipes will definitely improve your way of working. While usually only working with references, you can now note down the ingredients used for a preset, a phaser or a complete look on stage. At any time, changing the ingredients leads to a re-cooking as such, and therefore updates all references.

Imagine your fixture setup changes and you can use one command to adapt all of your looks immediately. This is a completely new way of prepping and programming your shows in the future.

In combination with MAgic and the massive new feature set of MAtricks, Recipes enable programming creativity you never knew before. Everything you program will be mapped directly to your Selection Grid (fixture selection in up to three dimensions) – there are so many ways to get creative!

Timecode becomes easier to use

The timecode editor functionality got a bunch of extra improvements – new markers, easier event handling and multiple symbols for a better overview. The overhaul of the timecode editor encoder bar leads to even faster and more precise editing of any scale of timecoded show.

Selection made easy

Due to easy access throughout the grandMA3 software with the new recursive selection syntax everything can be addressed either absolutely or relatively.

Grouping Fixtures now becomes a powerful tool – you can remember the absolute fixture IDs or just work relative with the children of the Grouping Fixture.

Datapools: Work smarter in multiuser environments

Default Datapool

With the introduction of Datapools, the grandMA3 takes the concept of multiuser environments to a whole new level.

A single show file can now be used for several stages and/or several operators for one stage. Ideal for use at festivals and for support/main act separation when touring. Datapools allow you to enjoy full access to your own unique pools and playback handles.

Everyone can work freely without sharing pool-items or playback handles; however, you can also share data if desired.

A second Datapool for the main act operator

More power in your daily work

grandMA3 software version 1.9 improves the daily workflow in the areas of absolute and relative values in presets and sequences, patching fixtures and changing default, highlight or lowlight values.

Additionally there are a lot of functionalities implemented we missed so far, like Pan/Tilt Offsets, DMX curves or user definable encoder readouts – have a look at this massive release to take the next step of grandMA3 workflow.

"I am happy that you scrolled all the way down to my two cents about the grandMA3 software. So you have some information already and I am pretty sure, you will not regret this!

The fascinating thing about this software is, that next to the new features and functionalities, you will find a lot of smaller improvements and workflow elements that will definitely help you create amazing shows.

And, you can be sure, we will continue working on more and more innovative concepts, new features and workflow improvements to provide you with the best software for your projects and shows.

Enjoy diving into the world of MA Lighting and especially the grandMA3 software. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us – your feedback is the best way to make the software even better!"

Daniel Kannenberg, Brand Manager


Here again the top features you will find in 2.0



You will find all improvements in the release notes in the download section of this website.  

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You are in need of further information?

All improvements in the Release Notes

For all detailed information, the Release Notes of each software release list all current implementations and enhancements.


How to use your MA product in the best way

The grandMA3 Online Help or In-Software Help System supports you with information about all programming topics.


Expand your knowledge in a quick and simple way

Additionally there is a free-to-use MA E-learning available to get you up to speed with the latest grandMA3 software.