Against the illegal use of grandMA2 onPC software

MA Lighting intensifies its fight

MA Lighting strongly discourages all users from using the grandMA2 onPC software to unlock parameters on counterfeit or non-MA approved hardware. Violation is illegal and punishable by law.

Every day we receive information on this topic from our valued customers, friends and users of our products, who actively support us in the fight against product piracy. We visit small, medium-size and big events and collect photo documentation about such software violations. All this is evaluated by our lawyers.

We are aware of distributors in Germany and Europe who distribute Chinese hardware with the same key layout as our grandMA2 consoles and MA onPC command wings and emulate their interface to the grandMA2 onPC software. The moment someone installs the grandMA2 onPC software on this Chinese hardware and unlocks parameters, they violate MA Lighting’s rights. Distributors know are trying more and more frequently to delegate the responsibility to the customer by recommending  the customer to install the MA software to get a console ready to play. From here-on in particular the user is responsible and he is the one who is liable to prosecution and subject to civil liability. However, distributors who do so also are responsible – both criminally and under civil law – for infringements of MA Lighting’s rights and must expect to be prosecuted by us.

We repeat at this point: Don't be misled and be welcome to ask us before you load the grandMA2 onPC software onto any non-MA approved hardware. To protect all our customers worldwide, we must take actions against these situations including taking legal actions.

Please contact if you have any questions or are unsure about which hardware you have in front of you or if you already work with such hardware in connection with grandMA2 onPC software and now want to cooperate with us. We are happy to help.

It is not our goal to take legal action against users and operators. Our primary goal is to stop the offending manufacturers and the sales organisations of such devices!

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