MA onPC command wing storms the UK market

Ambersphere Solutions, the exclusive distributor for MA Lighting products into the UK, has been overwhelmed by demand for the recently launched MA onPC command wing.

The MA onPC command wing is the latest addition to the MA Lighting family and offers a powerful, efficient mobile option to operating the grandMA2 control system in even the most challenging environments.

“When we first saw the MA onPC command wing we knew it was going to be a hit, and we were thrilled by the opportunities it was going to open up for us,” says Philip Norfolk, sales director for Ambersphere. “Being able to gain access to the superior MA technology, but at an affordable price tag, allows us to speak to customers who previously thought MA was out of their reach. But it is absolutely not.”

“This product is so versatile, it can act as a stand alone desk - in effect a small MA - but it can also act as part of a complete grandMA2 system by providing a proper interface for the grandMA2 onPC software and as a pre-programming tool for the grandMA2,” continues Norfolk.

Recent purchasers of this ground breaking product include companies such as Lite Alternative, Neg Earth, grandPA and RM Lighting.

Tim Routledge, LD and owner of grandPA is already a big fan. Having placed an initial order for half a dozen for hire and sale, he is expecting to place an order for more in the coming weeks and now has one permanently based in his office for his own programming and show preparation.

“There was a huge need for a smaller console as part of the MA family, to suit small and medium sized events and venues”, says Routledge. “The MA onPC command wing has addressed that need perfectly. It is an incredibly powerful tool, and it is affordable, economic and small. You can even carry it onto a plane as a piece of hand luggage!’

Rob Mander of RM Lighting is in no doubt about the impact of this powerful MA Lighting product. “The benefits of the MA onPC command wing are numerous. It has a smaller footprint, it comes as one feature-packed and compact unit, and the price makes it a cheaper, and therefore popular rental piece. We have got it spec’ed to go out on some very unique events this summer.”

The next big outing of the MA onPC command wing will be PLASA Focus in Leeds after Easter and Ambersphere Solutions are expecting an enthusiastic response from people seeing it for the first time.

‘We are really excited about introducing this product to market. Its got power, and it has every chance of becoming an industry standard product. We are enjoying the opportunity to show its capabilities to our customers in person. Whatever way you look at it, it is flexible, cost-effective and completely adaptable to the demands of any project, and the expectations of the lighting designer,” concludes Norfolk.

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