MA Demux PCB 1/6 switch

230V/16A AC

230V/16A AC

Art.No.: 130403


MA demultiplexers receive DMX512 signals and convert them. For reasons of data integrity, any tapping of DMX signals is protected against over-voltage on MA devices.

The board comes with all needed technical information; however, the installation should be handled by a qualified professional.

Either one or six DMX512 channels control six 230V/16A relays. The start address of the board is set by three rotary switches.


  • PCB with integrated power supply for flexible design of DIY projects
  • High-quality Wago terminals for all connections

Supplied with

power supply and Wago terminals on the board
operating manual

Technical Specifications

Dimensions118 x 164 x 47mm / 4.6 x 6.5 x 1.9inch
Net weight1kg / 2.2kg