MA Digital Dimmer

12 x 2.3kVA TV3 (Harting Han 16E)

Art.No.: 140512


With its MA Digital Dimmers Touring MA Lighting has a strong history. This is mainly based on the proven reliability of these “busy workhorses”.

The MA Digital Dimmers with their high power microcontrollers with “time-processing-units” do not only provide digital adjusting of the ignition timing of the phase control. All data and stored cues are filed in the EPROM. The operating system can be updated by simply changing this EPROM. DMX control with single channel or sequence patch, value hold or memory function of dimmer outputs in case of DMX loss, and Master/Slave ganging of additional dimmerpacks are only a few more highlights of these remarkable products.

A rack-mountable digital dimmer unit in a 19"/3HU housing with 12 single circuits 2.3kVA and special filter technology with a rise time of 360µs between 10% and 90% at a phase angle of 90°. Designed especially for TV studios, excellent interference suppression can be guaranteed. Further functions and equipment like the MA Digital Dimmer Touring 12 x 2.3kVA.


  • Rock solid 19"/3 HU steel housing with internal frame
  • Three available power ranges with 2.3kVA 3.7kVA and 5.7kVA
  • Master/Slave mode for simultaneous program recalls via MIDI

Supplied with

Dimmer is delivered with mounted power cable H07RN-F 5G 10mm²

Technical Specifications

Dimensions483 x 132 x 410mm / 19 x 5.2 x 16.1inch
Net weight23kg / 50.7lbs