MA Digital Dimmer WM

12 x 3kVA TV3

Art.No.: 140527


A wall-mountable digital dimmer with large graphic display listing status values and special functions as well as phase control display. Versions with RCD (63A/30mA), breaker with neutral disconnect, real two-way breaker or a version with special wiring for cruise ships (delta-network) are also available.

The MA Digital Dimmer WM (Wall Mount) are provided with a robust housing for wall mounting. With special rails they can be mounted in a 19” rack. The large graphic display lists all important status values and allows access to numerous special functions. Problems like overvoltage or overheating are displayed additionally by LEDs and trigger a buzzer.

The MA Digital Dimmer WM 12 x 3kVA TV3 comes with 12 single dimmers 3kVA and 400µs rise time between 10% and 90% at a phase angle of 90° as well as a ring core suppression. Designed especially for TV studios, excellent interference suppression can be guaranteed.


  • Two different versions with permanent load of 3,000VA or 5,700VA
  • Quient due to a partially casted split-ring choke
  • 280µs rise time (3kVA), 400 µs rise time (5.7kVA)
  • Phase control display via glow lamps
  • Special versions with two-way breaker and special wiring for use with delta network (without RCD) – e.g. on cruise ships
  • 8 contact inputs for the recall of internal stored looks; 8 outputs with LED feedback
  • Robust coated 19" steel housing for mounting on walls
  • With special rails the dimmer can be built-in a 19" rack
  • Optional cable input access, either on top and/or bottom

Technical Specifications

Dimensions440 x 610 x 154mm / 17.3 x 24 x 6inch
Net weight37.5kg / 82.7lbs