MA DMX Booster

1 in 8, RJ45 ESTA in- and outputs

Art.No.: 130415


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Larger lighting setups with cable runs of more than 200m, more than 20 DMX receiving devices or strong electronical interference can experience data losses although quality cable are being used and the DMX lines are terminated.
DMX boosters with electrically isolated in- and outputs, receiving and refreshing the DMX signals are prime selection then.

On large scale installations it is recommended to place a booster with multiple outputs on center stage and split the DMX lines starlike. This reduces the length and load of every single line. But keep in mind to use only special, shielded DMX cable and select shortest cable runs, and keep DMX cables away from power supply and load cables of dimmers.
The DMX booster makes distribution of DMX signals much easier and contributes to the reliability of the DMX network. All outputs are isolated and amplified, only the DMX „Thru“ socket feeds the original DMX input signal.
Dependent on the unit’s version, either XLR 5-pin connectors for DMX systems or RJ45 sockets for CAT5 cable networks are located on the front plate.
The input signal is terminated (resistor selectable with rotary switch). The XLR-equipped units have separate power supplies for every single DMX output. This feature guarantees the highest possible operational reliability.
The DMX Booster 1 in 8 is perfectly suited to design star-shaped DMX distribution networks installed in theatres and studios.


  • Amplifies the incoming DMX signal
  • Distribution to 7 resp. 8 isolated outputs
  • Seven-way DMX Booster with XLR 5-pin output connectors and separate power supply for each output
  • Eight-way booster with RJ 45 computer network connectors for CAT5 distribution
  • Selective termination of incoming DMX signal
  • LED indications of valid DMX signal and activated termination
  • Effectively protected against over-voltage and interference

Supplied with

19“ steel housing with mounted power cable and Schuko plug

Technical Specifications

Dimensions483 x 44.5 x 170mm / 19 x 1.8 x 6.7inch
Net weight4kg / 8.8kg