MA Lightcommander 12/2

19"-Rack Version

Art.No.: 120203


The great popularity of the Lightcommander consoles is conclusive proof of the outstanding quality of MA Lighting´s operating philosophy and the entire product conception.

The other MA consolse focus on medium- and large scale shows. However, the quality of lighting shows is not solely defined by the number of the console’s control channels.
Especially when working with only a small number of channels the creativity of the designer and the flexibility of the equipment are of paramount importance.

The strongest point of the Lightcommander 12/2 is its versatility. Due to its extensive special features the Lightcommander is not only used in discotheques, for live-shows, but also in theatres and for interior lighting. The Lightcommander has got all functions that the user requires when working with MA Lighting control desks:
- Easiest operation
- Extensive special functions
- Built-in LC-display for the documentation of current working
- Excellent build quality
- Best support and fastest service
...and a very reasonable price-performance ratio

Free selection of working modes
The chaser section offers a broad variety of operation modes. While still programming a chase, the encoder wheel can be used to test, delete or overwrite already created steps.
- Programs can be recalled automatically with pre selected speed, via sound or via step button. X-fade time can be set on line.
- The same X-fader can also be used to manually go from one step to the next.
- The ‘INSERT’ function makes it also possible to fade to any memory selected by its related ‘Flash’ button.

Chase-to-Memory and Sound-to-Light effect
Memory faders 9 to 12 can be assigned to control chases, i.e. up to five chases can be run simultaneously at individual speeds. The ‘Learn Speed’ button lets you set the chase speed by simply tapping along with the music’s beat.
Not only can the signal at the Sound-to-Light input trigger the recall of chase steps. The bass-, mid- and treble spectrum of the sound signal can also be used to control the intensity of the memory faders 9 to 12. The combination of these two effects will generate a perfect light show controlled by sound.

The ‘Wide’ mode doubles the number of channels
By pressing the ‘Shift’ and ‘Upper’ button simutaneously, the desk’s ‘wide’ mode is selected. Now the console offers control about 12 extra channels. Thus a total amount of 24 channels can be individually faded and stored.


  • Guidance through the menu via LC-display

  • Channel doubling in wide mode

  • Live and blind mode for programming and modifying

  • Master-Slave mode and MIDI

  • Sound-to-light control of memories and chaser

  • Storing on RAM card

  • Softpatch with 99 DMX channels

  • Chart flow of programmes with freely eligible times

  • ‘Learn Speed’ button to tap-in the chaser speed directly


Supplied with

power cable
operating manual

Technical Specifications

Dimensions450 x 90 x 310mm / 17.7 x 3.5 x 12.2inch
Net weight5.3kg / 11.7lbs