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Art.No.: 4022020

grandMA3 software with integrated 3D

Multiple label options in 3D

More dimensional fixture selection for fast programming workflow

Amazing effects on LED walls with easy programming tools

Detailed information in many various sheets

Structured timecode for traceable song organisation

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and is designed to accommodate the current and future needs of lighting control. The software has a refined user interface designed for fast programming and ease of use. Users can customize their workflow to incorporate favorite options and features, without cluttering their workspace. Standard default-configurations for screen views and playback layout are comprehensive but can be customized, providing a level of flexibility that many users will appreciate.

The grandMA3 incorporates a host of new functionality designed to simplify previously complex tasks. Improvements include a new Recast Preset function that allows for selective updating of Cues including any Attributes that have been added or removed.

In addition to the advanced functionality, the grandMA3 can still master all of the basics: Selecting fixtures, adjusting values, storing presets and playing back cues ‘should’ all feel familiar, but improved.

Better overview, faster access and more accurate information creates an improved user experience whilst programming and busking shows. With the new ListReference view, all references and depencies of objects are visible at any time.


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The grandMA3 software for all MA products will be pre-installed including all necessary drivers and OS. The grandMA3 onPC software is available as free download.

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