You are looking for a reliable, flexible and intuitive lighting control system?
You want to use the full functionality of the grandMA3 series to control up to 4 096 parameters?
And you need an easy-to-use solution that is compact, intelligent, cost-effective and suitable for sensitive budgets?

Then the grandMA3 onPC solutions are the perfect choice for you!

Your smart and powerful performance

Reliable, flexible and intuitive grandMA3 software

With grandMA3 onPC solutions you benefit from our decades of experience in the development of lighting control solutions and network components. Rely on the best hardware as well as highly efficient, durable software that is continuously developed to meet current and future requirements.

Feel the MA DNA that makes our solutions unique in the market!


Full power of the grandMA3 series with up to 4 096 parameters

The grandMA3 software for Windows and for Mac offers the same features and functions as the software on the grandMA3 consoles. Showfiles and devices are compatible and can all work together in one system.
What this means for you is that there is no compromise on feature set and flexibility – this is full performance!

If you are working with small to medium sized events or installations with a maximum of 4 096 parameters, the grandMA3 onPC solutions are a perfect fit for this scenario.


High value and secure investment for sensitive budgets

Experience the different hardware options of the grandMA3 onPC solutions. In combination with the free grandMA3 onPC software you get a flexible lighting control system for budget sensitive events and installations. You can combine the different onPC devices for your personal workspace.


grandMA3 onPC – Software and Hardware


When you dive into the grandMA3 onPC software for the first time, you will find many helpful tools to make your work life easier:
Predefined views, intuitive graphical user interfaces and many gesture controls will help you get started as well as later on in your daily work.

You can also use the software for pre-programming your show, 3D visualization or as a full backup solution.
Please also take a look at the MA Start Show, a powerful tool to program your show with many predefined objects and layouts.

The best part is that the grandMA3 onPC software allows you to use all these features for free!

Simply download the grandMA3 onPC software and connect to any of the grandMA3 onPC products to unlock para­­meters.

The amount of DMX outputs varies with each grandMA3 onPC product. However, all devices unlock 4 096 parameters for the full grandMA3 software functionality. There is no compromise in feature set and the range of products allow you to make the right choice for your budget or individual needs.


Now let´s have a look at the grandMA3 onPC hardware solutions to build your personal lighting control system!

  • The grandMA3 onPC command wing XT – the console solution with a built-in MA motherboard
  • The grandMA3 onPC command wing – the ultimate grandMA3 mobile solution
  • The grandMA3 onPC fader wing – the fader extension and playback device
  • The grandMA3 onPC rack-unit – your all-round installation device
  • The grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes – the most cost-effective DMX output solutions for the grandMA3 onPC software

grandMA3 onPC command wing XT

An onPC wing with real console feeling - you think that is impossible? Take a look at the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT! Experience the grandMA3 onPC console solution with the pre-installed onPC software on the built-in MA motherboard. Just connect a touch screen monitor and you can control 4 096 parameters right on the spot!

So, if you are looking for an extremely versatile control solution for small and medium sized theaters or installations, the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT is the right choice for you. It is also a powerful programming tool for TV/streaming studios as well as houses of worship, and it can also serve as a console for pre-programming and backup scenarios.

More information here

grandMA3 onPC command wing

When we talk about onPC solutions, we talk about mobility, flexibility and affordable prices – all combined in the grandMA3 onPC command wing! It is your mobile control solution for the grandMA3 onPC software.

You have a computer or laptop with the grandMA3 onPC software installed? Then simply connect your onPC wing via USB and you are ready for programming. The command area looks the same as on the grandMA3 consoles including the five dual-encoders and 40 separate playbacks to directly control 4 096 parameters.

More information here

grandMA3 onPC fader wing

We all love extra faders – ok, almost all of us love extra faders! If you need additional faders in your grandMA3 onPC system, the grandMA3 onPC fader wing is the perfect hardware playback extension for you.

With this onPC wing you get a total of 40 separate playbacks with 10 motorized faders and 20 rotary encoders. So you can expand the playbacks for your grandMA3 onPC command wing XT or your grandMA3 onPC command wing.

You can also connect your grandMA3 onPC fader wing as a “stand-alone” device directly to your computer. No matter which combination you like – you can use 4 096 parameters directly.

More information here

grandMA3 onPC rack-unit

You are looking for a grandMA3 onPC control solution to be installed in a 19" rack? You work in a fixed installation like a theater, shopping mall, TV/streaming studio or house of worship and need a reliable backup solution for your grandMA3 lighting control system? Or you want to implement a stand-alone lighting control system for your show that runs automatically due to external triggers, for example in a theme park or for architectural lighting?

If you can tick one of these boxes, the grandMA3 onPC rack-unit is the perfect solution for you. It is a first class onPC controller in 19" format with the grandMA3 onPC software already pre-installed on a powerful computer. So you won't miss any features or software functionality compared to the grandMA3 consoles. Just connect a mouse, a keyboard and up to two external monitors and you can directly control 4 096 parameters.

More information here

grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes

What do we need to control real devices? DMX outputs! This is where the grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes come into play. The nodes fulfill two different tasks: They convert Ethernet data to DMX and they can add parameters to your grandMA3 onPC system. So just download the grandMA3 onPC software, connect a grandMA3 onPC xPort Node and you are ready to control your fixtures!

A few more facts? All grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes can handle MA-Net3, MA-Net2, sACN and Art-Net data. They are fully RDM compliant and have a 3.9" color display on the front for easy configuration and status overview.
Especially useful for installations: You can also get the grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes as PoE (Power over Ethernet) variant!

More information here:

grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes DIN-Rail

Are you looking for a DMX node in your theater, TV studio, house of worship or other installation? The grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes DIN-Rail are the perfect solution for you! The nodes fulfill two different tasks: They convert Ethernet data to DMX and they can add parameters to your grandMA3 onPC system.

The optimized DIN-Rail housing allows you an easy and timesaving mounting in your installation rack. A big advantage: you can power the node completely via PoE (Power over Ethernet). So you do not need any additional power cabling!

More information here:

Simply connect

Only three steps are necessary to start

You are looking for a budget-oriented solution to run your show but still would like to use the full power of the grandMA3 software? Then grandMA3 onPC command wing, grandMA3 onPC fader wing and grandMA3 xPort Nodes are the best option.


Download the grandMA3 onPC software for free and without any restrictions from the MA website. This is the same as the grandMA3 console software, no downsized solution, and it will offer you all the future upcoming MA releases as well. Therefore you can benefit from all the features the grandMA3 software has to offer.

Download the free-of-cost grandMA3 onPC software here.


Connect your grandMA3 onPC hardware solution to your Windows PC or MAC to unlock parameters … and run your show.

All grandMA3 onPC hardware solutions can be combined to get more physical playbacks or DMX outputs.

The maximum parameter count with grandMA3 onPC is 4 096 parameters.


0 Parameter

Your benefits

Get the grandMA3 software for free for Windows PC or MAC

Receive all upcoming grandMA3 software releases

Be flexible and program, visualize and backup your show with your computer

Run your show with up to 4 096 parameters with the budget oriented grandMA3 onPC hardware solutions

Benefit from a huge knowledge base offering all the support you need

MA DNA: Benefit from MA’s decades of experience as well as hard- and software quality

Use your grandMA3 onPC showfiles across the entire grandMA3 product range