MA System Operator Training

1 day

The Participants must have completed the ‘grandMA2 User Training’ course or have equivalent experience.

The MA System Operator Course is for every grandMA2 user who wants to connect a backup console or send data over any kind of network. It introduces the concepts of networking in an easy to digest one day course.
Use a 2nd console as a back-up
Use MA onPC with a console
Program offline
Visualise a rig
Expand a system, i.e. NPU or Nodes etc.
Program a show with multiple consoles and/or multiple people programming
Use different user profiles
Restrict consoles down to using only sections of a rig, i.e. use “Worlds”
Add a remote to the console


  • Introduction
  • MA Sectors
  • Intro to Networking
  • Equipment
  • Connecting it together
  • MA Limitations
  • Network protocols (languages)
  • Methods of using multiple consoles
  • MA Parameter count
  • Station and Sessions
  • MA Network Configuration
  • Node, NSP and NPU set up
  • Using multiple consoles
  • Artnet setup
  • Remotes
  • MA Network Switch