grandMA ultra-light

MA Lighting

Art.No.: 120303


The grandMA ultra-light has a colour touchscreen display, ten manual faders, 30 + 20 physical executor buttons (on 128 pages) and connector for one external display available.

Furthermore the grandMA ultra-light offers 2,048 DMX parameters, free visualisation software, support for up to six remotes and DMX universe expansion with up to 16,384 parameters via MA NSP (Network Signal Processor). By this means, the grandMA ultra-light console brings the advantages of easy programming and quick live-access to smaller shows. Also backup solutions and multi-user applications are possible which makes the console a perfect tool for professional programmers working on budget productions.


  • Real-time control for up to 64 DMX universes/16,384 parameters (Expansion Mode)
  • Extensive networking functionality incl. multi-user, backup, parameter expansion, remote control etc.
  • 2,048 HTP-/LTP-parameters in stand-alone mode
  • Full network performance
  • 1 internal, high-resolution TFT-colour touchscreen
  • 2 external SVGA connectors
  • 1 external screen can be connected
  • 10 faders, 30+20 executor buttons (on 128 pages)

Supplied with

Additional scope of delivery

power cable
English manual and grandMA – the DVD

Technical Specifications

Dimensions635 x 157 x 490mm / 25 x 6.2 x 19.3inch
Net weight12.9kg / 28.5lbs