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Art.No.: 4023576

grandMA3 viz-key is the unique solution for a stable and safe connectivity between third-party visualization tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems. Simply connect the grandMA3 viz-key with the visualization computer and it will enable all necessary parameters for visualization.

By definition all involved third-party manufacturers are MA-Net3 members on the network and can visualize all granted parameters instantly. The grandMA3 viz-key enables also all non-granted parameters for visualization.

Each visualization station needs a dedicated grandMA3 viz-key and works for all third-party visualizers. One grandMA3 viz-key knows about all third-party visualizers - no need for a specific dongle per manufacturer – one solution fits it all. Additionally, the grandMA3 viz-key comes with 512 parameters onboard. This allows for simple fixture tests in the real world if no other parameters are available. Only in a grandMA3 onPC solutions environment, 512 parameters will be added to the existing parameter count. Even adding multiple grandMA3 viz-keys in one system will only add a total of 512 parameters, the maximum parameter count within the grandMA3 onPC solutions range remains 4 096. The 512 parameters can be output via DMX over Ethernet.

The grandMA3 viz-key runs independent of internet connectivity for up to 10 days before a validation update is needed. All third-party visualizers and further information about the grandMA3 viz-key can be found below.
Here you will find the most current information on which third-party visualizers and which software versions of those products will be compatible with the grandMA3 viz-key. Each visualizer software version is tested and verified before it will be activated to communicate with the grandMA3 viz-key and then released on the corresponding visualizer´s website. The grandMA3 viz-key, the easiest way ever to cross-connect between any scale of grandMA3 lighting control system and any compatible third-party visualizer.

How to connect?

  • Make sure all devices are in the same network and have matching IP addresses (e.g. 192.168.1.x)
  • Start the visualization tool and enable MA-Net connectivity (see manual of the tool)
  • Start grandMA3 software and go to Network to see the visualization tool under "NetworkNode"
  • Invite the visualization tool to your grandMA3 session (both show files must match)
  • If the software versions are not matching, update the visualization software via grandMA3 Menu/Settings/Software Update (see Online Help grandMA3)

grandMA3 viz-key partnership

Here you can find all manufacturers signed in for the grandMA3 viz-key partnership in alphabetical order.

  • Capture Visualisation – Capture
  • Imaginary Labs – Carbon for Unreal
  • Syncronorm – Depence²
  • Vectorworks – Vision
Each visualizer software version is tested and verified before it will be activated to communicate with the grandMA3 viz-key and then released on the corresponding visualizer’s website.
Please refer to their webpages for further information and compatible software versions for grandMA3 viz-key.


Technical Specifications

Parameters Mode2not applicable (no Mode2)
Operating voltage/ Supply voltageUSB powered (5 V DC)
Operating Temperature0 °C up to 40 °C / 32 °F up to 104 °F
Dimensions80 x 51 x 17 mm / 3.2 x 2.0 x 0.7 in
(width x depth x height)
Net weight0.1 kg / 3.6 oz
Connectors1 x USB 2.0 (type C)

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