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Art.No.: gMA2onPC


The grandMA2 onPC software incorporates all functions of a grandMA2 console and offers you its full potential on your notebook or PC. You can use grandMA2 onPC for running, programming or offline preprogramming, as well as a smart backup solution within the grandMA2 system.

With the MA onPC command wing and MA onPC fader wing MA Lighting has developed a sophisticated hardware extension perfectly suited for the grandMA2 onPC software.
If you would like to use it as a lighting control, just connect an MA onPC command wing or MA onPC fader wing to your notebook or PC to run the show via this hardware. Alternatively you can connect an MA 8Port Node onPC, MA 4Port Node onPC, MA 2Port Node onPC 1K or 2K to your notebook or PC to be able to output DMX data.
Preprogramming is also easy with grandMA2 onPC. You can work on your notebook or PC anywhere then copy your showfile to any grandMA2 console. To apply the backup function, just integrate your grandMA2 onPC solution into your grandMA2 show session. If your main console should fail, grandMA2 onPC will take over seamlessly and you can still run your show with the same parameter count.
The grandMA2 onPC software is as flexible as the grandMA2 console software – in fact it is the same software but with some additional useful features that mirror the grandMA2 console hardware. So you can choose each section of the console in the software via a simple button-press and then start working the same way as you would do when sitting in front of a grandMA2 console.
With its flexible screen arrangements and multiple views plus functions like shortcuts via any keyboard, the grandMA2 onPC software underlines its absolute flexible layout for any show-situation. Nearly any functionality can be displayed, modified or used as it occurs in the “real” hardware.
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  • Incorporates all functions of the grandMA2 console
  • Suitable as live show controller or backup system in connection with the MA onPC command wing, MA onPC fader wing, MA 8Port Node onPC, MA 4Port Node onPC,  MA 2Port Node on PC 2K/1K
  • Communicates with grandMA2 consoles via MA-Net2 over Ethernet 
  • Preprogramming of complete shows with grandMA2 onPC and grandMA 3D
  • grandMA2 onPC runs on Windows PCs and notebooks according to our specifications (Please check:
  • grandMA2 onPC is available free of charge